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Welcome to UIMarredo
Since 1963, our company has strictly operated with a high standard of quality, basing it on the functional and aesthetic requirements of our customers.
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  • UIM history

    “UIM Mobili” was founded in 1963 by two brothers, Marcellino and Virgilio Pacchioli, who initially worked in the home appliance industry, and by their partner Lino Ciotti, who contributed with the know-how and experience gained in his family’s carpenter shop.
    In the 1960s, they grouped together some of the leading industries in the furniture sector and founded “Unione Industria Mobili”, proposing and selling their products all over the country.
    The growth of industrial production and of the housing industry in the 1970s favored “UIM Mobili”. The company increased its manufacturing and was immediately recognized as a promoter of innovative products and partner of the most important Italian brands of that period (B&B Italy, Max Alto, Arclinea, Boffi, Bernini, Sormani, Saporiti, Flou, Snaidero, Zanotta, Knoll etc.).
    In the 1980s, the “UIMart”, a carpentry workshop for the production of accessories, custom systems and customized furniture, was founded due to the growing need to personalize both its furniture and accessories. The brand name changed as well, becoming “UIM Modern Line”, which would remain until the end of the 1980s, when the company decided to change the name once again to the current one, “UIMarredo”. During these years, the company, leader in modern style and design, agreed to face new challenges in luxury and classical style home projects, both in Italy and abroad.
    In the 1990s, the market suggested that the success of a good project was always the result of a perfect coordination and management of the processes. So the company founded “UIMarc”, a design office with the help of professional consultants and architects.
    Today Paolo, Simona and Sandro, the heirs of the founding partners, are carrying on with the business with the same far-sightedness and passion as ever, exploiting all the experience and knowledge from the past. They are convinced that the road to success is having the highest competence in all the various development phases of the work, in creativity and dedication.