In UIMarredo, every project evolves through specific procedures in order to guarantee full customer satisfaction and meeting of deadlines.

  • Phase 1 Concept

    The technical department of UIMarredo carries out a complete examination of the plans and an inspection of all the current state surveys in order to understand the nature of the work and the necessary consulting services.
    It develops a design strategy, defining the general look of the environment, perfectly fitting the project to the customer’s lifestyle and always focusing on the best functionality.
    By setting up a preliminary project with a first layout of the environment, our architects and designers select a series of images to match the right style, then quickly communicate what the final design imprint will be like and prepare a plan for the placement of the furniture.
    Finally, everything is submitted to the customer for approval and the retain is officially assigned by writing the terms of agreement with an advance for the expenses.
  • Phase 2 Design and Sampling

    Plans and sections are processed in an executive way. Samples of finishes and materials for each environment are then submitted for the customer’s approval.
    Finishes, flooring, paintings, ceilings and the eventual use of plasterboard are all defined.
    The process goes on to defining all the furnishings, bathrooms and kitchen, with every custom- made supply and carpentry need. Defined in detail is the technical and decorative lighting system, heating system, video surveillance, irrigation, and all the drawings about the water systems, heating, wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation systems, based on the type of project. All terms of agreement are clearly established in a contract for all the services required, terms of delivery and payment. The customer receives of all the drawings of the project.
  • Phase 3 Supply

    At this stage, the UIMarredo Commercial Team provides a cost estimate of all the products required, including transport and delivery, assembly and adjustments. It provides product sheets with descriptions, finishes, sizes, colors, materials, technical specifications, price, manufacturer and all the information needed to complete each room. A quote for the required supplies and work will be proposed, specifying the terms of agreement in regards to deliveries and payments. Production, suppliers and carriers will be constantly monitored in order to fulfill all deliveries in time and according to our quality standards.
  • Phase 4 Execution

    Thanks to our skilled team we can carry out all the work of the project in order to provide a “turnkey” solution. At the customer’s request, a project manager can be assigned to the site in order to supervise and support all the project assets, and to verify that all the work matches the project and our quality standards.
    The photographic report and all certifications produced during the work will be sent to the customer and become his property.
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    We can provide and install

    UIMarredo team can provide and install:
    – Subframes for French doors and sliding systems
    – Exterior window frames, entrance doors and interior doors
    – Materials for: electric, plumbing and heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation systems (home automation, piping, machinery, accessories, boilers, radiators, floors, etc.)
    – Floors and linings
    – Bathroom fixtures, faucets, mirrors, furniture and bathroom accessories
    – Fireplaces and stoves for interior decoration
    – Wooden and metal internal staircases with handrails
    – Plasterboard for walls and ceilings even for damp rooms or soundproofed environments
    – Paintwork, wall paper, or wall fabrics
    – Custom woodworking for interior decoration
    – Furniture and furnishings
    – Upholstery work
    – Lighting fixtures
    – Curtain rods and accessories
    – Household articles, carpets, paintings, linen, cutlery, glassware and pieces of pottery.