UIMarredo has a staff of consultants and designers who provide a range of services to satisfy any of the particular customer needs.
Project – Supply – Carpentry – Assembly – Assistance

  • Project

    UIMarc projects: a technical division with a professional team for the development of executive projects requested by architects and designers.
    Surveys, sketches, plans, sections and details, lighting planning, industrial design, composition, material and chromatic study, three-dimensional modeling and hyper-realistic rendering.
  • Supply

    UIMark supplies: a sales department, a correspondence network with foreign countries and agents on the Italian territory for a complete customer service.
    Free quotes, direct purchase, production and delivery control, national and international shipments.
  • Carpentry

    UIMart carpentry: a highly skilled team of craftsmen producing customized furnishing systems and unique design items.
    Creation of prototypes, custom furniture, renovation and decorations.
  • Assembly

    UIMont assembly: a skilled team for home furniture delivery and assembly.
    Goods delivered and carried up to any floor using a goods hoist, assembling and special processing, adjustments, packaging and waste disposal, cleaning, functional and final testing with the customer.
  • Assistance

    UIMass assistance: a team of specialists who fix and replace damaged furniture and accessories.
    An assistance service for each specific need can be requested with a description and photograph of the problem. After a quick examination and cost estimate approval we proceed with the intervention.
  • Administration

    UIMamm administration: A team of financial consultants will provide payment services to fit the customers’ needs and claims.
    Financing, bank transfers, currency, tax breaks, etc.